Bericote Offices

Bericote Properties decided to establish a London office that would be both a work place for their
London staff and staff travelling from Head Office and an environment that they could bring clients
in for formal and informal meetings and social gatherings.

Set in Mayfair the architecture of the building was beautiful if a little complicated so we created
an interior that separated work place and social spaces included a large meeting room and open kitchen separated by a large sliding shutter door. As Bericote build large sheds for warehouses the influence on the interiors was from things you might find in the finished warehouses and the materials used to build these warehouses. It is a unique multi-functional space that reflects the business and personality of the Bericote company.

KSL Offices

We redesigned KSL’s office at Grosvenor Gardens in London giving it a more edgy look within the structure of the existing space. Bold joinery pieces and strong floor finishes provide a stand out design but with a personal feel.

Alinea Offices

Working closely with Alinea, we redesigned the interior of their offices on Cannon Street in the centre of London. Working within the limitations of the changes that were possible to the existing office, we explored a variety of ideas and concepts and created a unique office environment for staff and clients alike.